The invasion begins with a gig poster for High on Fire. These guys are the absolute definition of metal, and are a huge source of inspiration. If you haven't heard them, get your shit together and go to http://www.highonfire.net/ and check them out.

Peep the process:

The initial sketches were done in several layers to allow for A: Working on the shitty paper that was laying around, and B: Messing with layout and such later.

These were then assembled, and color was added, to get the final digital version.

After the design was finished, it was broken up and isolated into the different colors, the screens were made, and stock/ink colors were selected.

After that, it was on to test prints, color proofing, and the final production run.

There are only 50, so get your ass in gear. More images in the shop.



Source: http://www.highonfire.net/