Here we go.

Work continues apace on the first DESTROY series: THE CURE THAT AILS YOU. Ultimately DESTROY is about making rad shit and putting it into the world, but first, it needs to be designed. THE CURE THAT AILS YOU will be a collection of designs that will all focus on a single theme. 

That theme revolves around the body and soul as machines that are fallible. Sometimes, in order to fix it, you have to break it.

First up, the finished design for the poster. The colors may vary based on substrate options, but this is ultimately the end product, it will be 18"x24".


Next up is the line art for the first DESTROY shirt. Since it is part of the same series, it has a similar vibe to the poster, but having the same thing on the shirt and the poster seemed like a cop-out.

Last, here is a mock up of the shirt design. Unfinished as yet.